A Fallen Star

by The Snatcher



After 20 months and 25 days, it is finally done! My second song based on a short story I read waaay back in 2015 but inspired me to one of my biggest songs yet! Seven minutes and 34 seconds of symphonic music, Marina´s beautiful voice combined with my own. 34 instruments composed on my own.

The result is a song that tries to capture the stages of grief while capturing the story from the source:

I set this up with a „Name your price“ tag – If you don´t want to pay for the song, you can simply enter 0,- and still download it. In that case, I would appreciate it, if you could at least spread the word and maybe listen to my other stuff as well :)


I remember, like it was yesterday
The day that changed our world for good
My student, my friend, was set to pay
A price for something I never understood
Time has passed since that dreadful night
A night so dark and gory
So listen, that you´ll keep in mind
Listen to my story

The news came crashing in the middle of the night
A call of bloody murder sent me trembling in fright
This cannot be - it´s impossible to me
I´m rushing down the hallways in anxiety

You lie before me, but I can´t believe my eyes
The floor is tinted red, the silent witness of the crime

What have they done to you? I´m kneeling by your side
It´s time to get up now, please tell me it´s a lie
No spell, no prayer, no pleading, will bring you back to me
Your star has fallen sending me to misery

How could I fail you? I promised it will be okay
They proved me wrong so now they are gonna pay
I´ll hunt them down, I´ll turn them out
The clues and leads will tell
Tie them together
And throw them in a cell

Strip them of their Might and Pride (Let´s see what´s left behind)
Put on the trial and let evidence decide

They cried and cowered, shook in fear that one could smell
They may have begged for mercy but I sent them straight to hell

Such treason, treachery, I won´t condone in here
My reign won´t stand for foolish acts of crime and fear
I´m rendering my judgement now with vengeance in my wake
Your star has fallen, but they´re burning at the stake

After all you did for them, for me
We´ve been betrayed by those who feared what might be
Why should I care? Why should I mind?
They proved unworthy of our loving sweet and kind

Now as you lay there in that casket made of glass
I look upon you, crying as you´re past
I watch them mourn, I see them cry - they came from near and far
The last goodbye for a fallen star

It took me months to realize what I do wrong (what I do wrong)
I have to pass these gates, trying to move on – I know
This is what you would wish, this is what you would want
So I will try my best and cherish what is gone

Your place is better now, no matter where you´ve gone (Where you´ve gone)
Until we meet again, your memory will go on

Fare thee well, my friend. You´ll be always in my heart (In my heart)
Your visions carry on, I´ll try a brand new start (I´ll try a brand new start)
You taught me well, you taught us all - what matters will go on
Your star has fallen still it´s brighter than the sun


released January 15, 2017
Second Vocals - Marina



all rights reserved


The Snatcher Germany

Born in 1983, music has always been part of my life for approx. 20 years now. Professional training as well as experience in bands motivated me to create my own music. The styles vary as much as the sources of inspirations vary - so there will be a broad spectrum of styles here as well. ... more

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